Me & my lamps

My name is Robert and I’m 23-year-old physiotherapy student based in Poland. My hobby is making one of a kind gourd lamps. I use dried shells of the exotic fruit and create the stunning lampshades by drilling perforated patterns in them to let the light out. This allows the lampshade to display an interesting play of light and shades on the walls.


Whole process of making the lamp has few steps. From the raw fruit the gourd need to go through cleaning, sketching the pattern, engraving, dyeing, carving and drilling. Every lamp has thousands of perforations in different diameters, which allow the light to shine through the lampshade. In my lamps I’m trying to use only the highest quality and selected materials like original African tree calabashes, hand-carved wood, waxed or leather strings. The work requires a lot of patience and it usually takes one month to finish a lamp.


It’s the major material for my lamps. I started my work using Polish vine gourds then I made two lamps from Indonesian gourds. Since my Table lamp VIII – I transferred to original tree calabashes which are imported from Senegal, Africa.

Crescentia cujete, commonly known as the Calabash Tree,

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