Floor lamp I

It’s my biggest lamp and for sure I spent much more time working on it than on previous lamps. A lot of carvings parts and drilling.
Head of the lamp is made of Senegalese calabash.
Whole lamp was painted using wood oil, some places was dyed with alcohol inks. Black parts between the all circles and on the bottom and top of the calabash were burned.
Perforations were made in 11 different diameters. I decided to make texture on the carved parts- now it’s ‘dotted’ and looks much better.
On the top of the lamp there’s closing part locked by magnets.
The base of the the lamp is carved from the block of alder wood and painted in the same color as lampshade .
The stand is decorated with black jewellery waxed string.
Lamp is divided into 4 parts.
Total height of the lamp: 163cm (64,2”)
Calabash diameter: 29cm (11,4”)
Base diameter: 32cm (12,6″)

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